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Chiptuning Scania trucks P-Serie

You can find the various versions of your car model below. When you look up the corresponding engine (bhp/nm) , you can see what we can do for you vehicle at ATM Chiptuning. If your engine type is not in the table below or either way prefer a qoute from us, please contact us at one of our dealerships, or request for a quote on the button below ASK FOR QUOTE.


Chiptuning table for Scania trucks P-Serie

We can tune all carbrands and models. If your car does not appear in our list, please contact us.

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Chiptuning Scania trucks P-Serie Original Power (BHP) ATM Power (PK) Original Torque (NM) ATM Torque (NM)
Chiptuning Scania trucks P-Serie:
340PK 390PK 1700NM 1955NM
Chiptuning Scania trucks P-Serie:
380PK 435PK 1900NM 2185NM
Chiptuning Scania trucks P-Serie:
420PK 485PK 2100NM 2415NM
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