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Contact ATM-Chiptuning Dubai

ATM-Chiptuning Dubai


ATM-Chiptuning Dubai
P.O. BOX 48890, Dubai

Phone : + 971 56 103 53 57
E-mail : info@atm-chiptuningdubai.com

Payment options: Cash, VISA, Mastercard, MEASTRO

Opening Hours dealerships:
Monday till Saturday (on appointment)
call us for a visit, in most cases we can asisst you within 24/48 hours!

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Information and a free quote you can request from the following page: Request for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about ATM-Chiptuning or about chiptuning in general? Check out our F.A.Q. page to see wether we have already supplied for an answer: Frequently Asked Questions. Did you not find an answer to your question, we ask you to contact us so we can provide an answer for you!

Other locations:

ATM-Chiptuning is represented in other country's across Europe, for more information contact the following locations.

ATM-Chiptuning Netherlands (HQ)


ATM-Chiptuning Belgium

ATM-Chiptuning B.V.
Eemweg 31-08
3755 LC Eemnes
The Netherlands


ATM-Chiptuning B.V.
Oostmalsebaan 1-C (Unit 7)
2960 Sint-Lenaarts (Brecht)


+ 31 (0) 35 541 12 41



+ 32 (0) 3 645 20 22


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