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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We realize that you have a lot of questions about chiptuning, OBD-chiptuning, engine-management-optimizations and other aspects related to chiptuning. ATM-Chiptuning will try to answer most questions on this page. Is your question not answered feel free to contact us so we can add your question.

What is chiptuning?

Chiptuning is a method of extracting software from an ECU, the heart of a vehicle. The term chiptuning is also used in relation to an engine-management-optimization. More information about chiptuning you will find on the software development page.

What is an OBD-chiptuning?

OBD-chiptuning means an On Board Diagnose-chiptuning. This is one of the latest and easiest methods of extracting software from an ECU. Through the OBD-port (diagnostics port) in your car we can read out the original software needed to optimizing. More about OBD-chiptuning you can find on the chiptuning methods page.

Is Chiptuning or OBD-chiptuning harmful for the engine?

No, a well performed optimization is not harmful for your cars' engine. Any engine being developed has a build in safety margin. The engine needs to perform safely, securely in any part of the world. These margins are used because not everywhere the quality of fuel, maintance, and treatment is the same. Because the circumstances in the UAE are good ATM-Chiptuning can use portions of these margins safely & effectively to optimize your engine-management-software without exceeding the factory-margins!

What are the concequences for my warranty?

A well performed tuning by ATM-Chiptuning is not visible at your dealership!

What do I need to take into account?

The powergains are retrieved from the margins your vehicle has. There are some important issues you need to take into account:

How long does it take to perform an engine-management-optimization?

The time needed for an optimization depends on the chiptuning-method. In most cases a tuning takes an average of around 2 to 4 hours.

Do I need to make a reservation?

When you wish to make an appointment you can do so by e-mail or by phone. Usually we can help you out the same day or the following day. Check the contactpage to see how you can get into contact with us.

Do I need to inform my insuarance-agency?

In some countries insurance-rates are related to the amount of horsepower. In these cases it is your responsibility to inform your insurance-agency about an optimization.

What about Garages and ITV-checks?

 When your car needs to go to the dealership or ITV you can easily disconnect your module and afterwards reconnect it. Disconnecting and reconnecting takes about 3 minutes. Your dealership will not notice the changes your car uses when driving with a ATM-Chiptuning module. When you deside to sell your car, you can disconnect your chiptuning module and place it into your new car. This ofcourse is only possible when your next car is equiped with the same generation ECU. Overall there are no consequences for you and your car.

Do you have any other questions question?

Please contact ATM-Chiptuning Dubai

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