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Module Tuning

The ATM-Chiptuning module is a specially developed, small, external computer wich is placed in between the original wiringloom of your car and the Control Unit (ECU) of your car. This computer adjust the softwaredata send to and from the ECU-unit in a very specific, safe way. Your car will perform much better, horsepower and torque are increased drastically, and react more lively when you touch your accelerator.

Be aware that our module is not a universal powerbox! A power box 'tricks' the computer of your car in a way that false data is send to your ECU. Our power box is a one of a kind to create harmony within your engine.

The results of an ATM-Chiptuning module are equal to that of our regular used chiptuning, the module adjust the incoming data in a safe, reliable way. The ATM-Chiptuning module is usually placed in the enginebay.

The ATM-Chiptuning-module optimizes:

Because the ATM-Chiptuning module also adjusts the turbopressure, the results are very close to our OBD chiptuning. After the placement of the ATM-Chiptuning module you can instantly enjoy the better torque curve wich starts much earlier and peaks at a higher amount of revolutions. 

Because of the adjustment of the turbopressure the power increase is significantly higher then the powerbox. Powerboxes promise a lot of efficiency but in reality they never get close to what they promised.

Fuel efficiency

Because of the increased amount of torque you can shift much earlier and safe upto + 13% in fuel.

Costs of an ATM-Chiptuning-module

An ATM-Chiptuning module is available from AED 2.600,- including assembly.



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