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Chiptuning software - customized by ATM

With pride ATM-Chiptuning guarantees that it belongs to a very select group that is capable of developing high quality, reliable, dureable chiptuning software in Europe. This guarantees you that you will get the best and most safe products in the chiptuning industry.

The programmers of ATM-Chiptuning Netherlands are highly educated and are using a very advanced dyno-testbench to optimize the chiptuning software to perfection.

ATM-Chiptuning is able to get the best possible performances out of your car reliable and safely!

Engine management optimization

Every car that leaves the factory is equipped with a standard softwareversion. These settings in most cases lay far within the maximum potential of the used engine. This non-used area gives ATM-Chiptuning de possibilities to adjust the data of the corresponding Engine Control Unit. This is what we call optimizing or chiptuning/remapping.

The optimized adjustments result in a higher amount of horsepower and torque. When your engine is equipped with a turbocharger this will result in an increase performance anywhere from 20% till 40% in torque (nm) and power (bhp). When you have a naturally aspired engine, the optimizing of your engine-management will gain about 10% more power. Another aspect that is highly appreciated is the fact that the engine becomes a lot more lifely and reacts quicker on the accelerator.

Chiptuning software-remaps

During the chiptuning or optimizing ATM-Chiptuning adjust several maps in the engine-management software;

Software variations from the factory

Carmanufactures develop cars with different softwareversions, all of whom are designed far within the limitations of the engine. Because of this hidden potential the manufacturer has the ability to sell different versions of models, with different amounts of power and torque.

Any car that leaves the factory has a certain safetymargin build in its software. This margin is set very wide to prevent engine damage. ATM-Chiptuning can use these margins, but only just a little so that the life expectancy is not harmed.

ATM-Chiptuning software tested

The software needed to chiptune vehicles is developed and adjusted in house at ATM-Chiptuning by ATM-Chiptuning. Because ATM-Chiptuning has its own experts who exactly know what data has and can be changed we can provide you with the best, safe chiptuning in Europe. 

ATM-Chiptuning uses her own dyno-testbench to develope and test the adjustments made by its programmers. This ensures you that the adjustments performed are tested and found safe, reliable and real! 

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