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What is chiptuning

Chiptuning is the definition of the process in wich performances of petrol- and diesel powered engines, are altered by changing the parameters of the engine-management-software, wich results in a much more improved performance.

Nowadays the term 'chiptuning' is used to describe the entire process of altering that software, but chiptuning is just one of the posibilities to do that. At ATM-Chiptuning we prefer to talk about engine-management-optimization.

Engine-management-optimization process

Below you find a basic schedule how the process of an engine-management-optimization at ATM is performed.

1. Read out the original software

Before we can start optimizing your software, we first need to get that software out of the heart of your engine, the ECU (Electonic Control Unit). There are several ways to get into your ECU to retrieve the necessary data; OBD-chiptuning, BDM-chiptuning and the somewhat older 'chiptuning'.

More information about these different ways of retrieving that data you can find on our chip tuning page.

2. Optimize the software

Any software we retrieve from your car is put in our database, as a back-up. Whenever we, for any reason would like to consult that software we can. After the back-up has been made, our programmers start optimizing the software of your vehicle. During this process the software parameters are better adapted.

Thanks to the better adapted or optimized software the vehicle becomes more powerful, gain more torque, be smoother and in most cases causes a positive effect on fuel-consumption!

The adjustments are always done by ATM-Chiptuning's own programmers and the adjustments are always done within the limits set by the manufacturer. Because of this procedure any optimization done by ATM-Chiptuning ensures a safe, reliable & dureable engine-management-optimization. 

The best possible alterations are realised by changing the software in the heart of the ECU.

3. Writing the software

After the software of your ECU has been rewritten, it can be replaced into your ECU. The 'writing' of the software is done in the same way we have read it. The various ways of reading and writing software can be found under section 2. After the writing of the optimized software is done, your vehicle instantly benefits from the optimized software and performances.


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