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Caravan/trailer and chiptuning

When going on holidays, a lot of people take their home-on-wheels with them. As long as the roads are flat, the weather is clear and not to windy that should not be a problem. But once the roads change into an area with mountains the story changes.

Many cars have a hard time conquering mountains and overtaking on the freeways. Torque is the term technicians use that describes the power of an engine to overcome drag/friction etc. Most cars, especially turbo-diesel powered engine hold a big reserve on that part. By chiptuning your car ATM-Chiptuning can reveal alot more power from your cars' engine, your car will become more powerful, gain torque, run a lot smoother and because of the optimized engine-management in most cases will consum less fuel!

Driving uphill with a caravan or trailer will go so much more easier, with less downshifting and with a driver who is a lot more relaxed when encountering mountains!

What does your car gain by ATM-Chiptuning Dubai

For information about chiptuning your car, feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer any questions by mail or phone!


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