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Chiptuning Software

Chiptuning software by ATM Chiptuning Dubai ensures improved performances for both petrol and diesel powered engines. ATM-Chiptuning modifies the engine control unit (ECU) motor management software to realise more strengh and capacity of your vehicle.

Correct chiptuning software realises;

Because ATM-Chiptuning Dubai is an experts in modifying motor manangement software,  they know exactly what need to be adapted, where the margins of the factory are situated, and what the ideal variables are.  

Many companies claim that they know what they are talking about, but in fact do not have a clue as they are purchasing these files from other companies. ATM-Chiptuning can show the software is written internally and guarantees this as well. It is a requirement that a chiptuning organisation has a recognised programmer in service that modifies the motor management system. At ATM Chiptuning Dubai there are no surprises, what you see is what you get.

ATM Chiptuning Dubai offers garages within in the Automotive branch in the Middle East and Far East the possibility to offer their clients chiptuning possibilities. An interesting and extra service for you garage!

For any questions or to know more about the great advantages of ATM Chiptuning Dubai services for your garage, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following number: +971 - 552977077 or contact us via email

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