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Powerbox or ATM-Chiptuning Module

Chiptuning has gotten a bad name because of cheap, low quality 'chiptuning products'. They were called "powerbox", but those boxes didn't do what we now can do with custom-chiptuning or the ATM-Chiptuning Module. The older powerboxes only adjusted 1 or 2 values, by intercepting those in between of the engine and your cars engine-management-unit (ECU). Those values were manipulated to give the wrong data to your ECU. Your ECU then was calculating all kinds of important values wrongly!

The ATM-Chiptuning Module is unique! The unit is placed near you engine and recalculates the data in a much better and punctual manor. The data from your turbo-charger and the data from your fuel-pressure is measured, the small computer in our external unit recalculates these data, resulting in much better performances for your vehicle but in a safe, reliable & dureable way!

For more information about the newest generation of "powerboxes" , the ATM-Chiptuning Module, press the link and you can read more about this unique product..

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