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Tuning Dubai

Tuning; would you like to tune your vehicle by using a customized engine remapping of ATM Chiptuning, then please have a look at our website www.atm-chiptuning.co.za. We are a specialized and dedicated tuning company in the Middle East and have sollutions for almost all vehicles. We have a range of services for each individual customer, depending on what you are a looking for and what you would like to achieve with the performance of your vehicle. 

Besides us offering a quality and guaranteed product we like to take care of our customers by informing them about our procedures and quality control aspect of the tuning service. All our chip tuning services are manufactured by ATM. This guarantees you with a durable and quality product by a experienced and dedicated chip tuning company that has been around in the automative market for quite a while. 

If you desire more BHP and NM  in your vehicle then the Power Chip tune service would be the best possibility for you. By adjusting the parameters in the Electronical Control Unit in your vehicle (ECU), we are able to adjust these parameters and create a pure balance between these variables and create the extra power you request. At the same time we are also able to create more fuel efficiency, so at the end of the day you will save money as well. This whole progress is durable and set within the car manufacturer margins. After a remap of your ECY,  the percentages of power could change with around 10<20BHP and 10<25NM. 

Besides a Power Chiptune possibility for your vehicle we also provide another unique service of ATM called Eco Chip tune. Eco tuning is a tuning/remapping focused purely on the ECO part, what is increasing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This will safe you money on the long run.

For more information please feel free to have a look at our other tuning products on our ATM website such as; module tuning and petrol chip tuning on our . These services offered by ATM Chip tuning Dubai, will create a new driving sensation. 

ATM Chiptuning Dubai - Contact us on: +971 - 552977077

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